About us

Platinum Realty Associates is a privately owned, entrepreneurial real estate development firm with one vision. We seek to acquire overlooked, under-utilized urban sites that we see have potential for greater value and enhance those sites by creating retail and office experiences that draw people and businesses and support the economic growth of the local community. We leverage over 20 years of experience in urban real estate development in the boroughs of the City of New York to successfully take each project from site selection and design, to groundbreaking, to grand opening, to being a focal point in creating a great neighborhood.
We start by diligently scouting locations and identifying sites with untapped market potential. Then we assemble highly skilled project management and design teams focused on optimizing the use of space and site accessibility to create transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly environments that minimize traffic congestion. We ensure 21st century experiences for tenants and visitors are incorporated into building design, from cutting-edge technologies to the U.S. Green Building Council’s sustainable building guidelines to achieve LEED certification. We are also committed to partnering with Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises and NYC’s Workforce 1 to promote local labor sourcing. Finally, we seek the right mix of local and national merchants and businesses to provide jobs and enhance the neighborhood’s vitality.