Curbcut, Platinum Realty Partners

As property values in Long Island City skyrocket, developers are starting to look a little further afield for places to build office space. A pair of developers are taking a chance on an industrially zoned strip in Sunnyside, just across the rail yards from Long Island City. They just filed plans for an eight-story office and medical building there at 38-01 Queens Boulevard, on the corner of 38th Street.

The 136-foot-tall development would replace a two-story factory formerly occupied by the Liberty Brass Turning Company, which manufactures machine parts. The firm relocated out to Long Island and sold their sizable warehouse for $12,070,000 in December 2015. Curbcut Urban Partners LLC and Platinum Realty Associates scooped up the 22,500-square-foot plot and revealed their office plans to the Wall Street Journal in May.

The new building would hold 40,357 square feet of commercial space and 89,540 square feet of medical offices. The project is about twice as large as it would be if it only held commercial or industrial space, because the medical offices function like a zoning bonus on top of the allowed commercial space. This area is zoned M1-4 for low-density factories and warehouses, but all kinds of commercial development are allowed.

SBLM Architects are handling the design.

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